At Ruislip Stars, we know how important a good diet is for our children. Every meal we serve is freshly prepared and cooked by our on-site chef. We provide a new menu full of healthy and delicious meals every week. 

If you are looking for some new, easy and healthy options for dinner/lunch or want to cook something that your child enjoys at Ruislip Stars then try some of our home-made recipes! 

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Meat dishes

Chicken nuggets
Chicken meatball ragu
Chicken meatball ragu
Chilli con carne
Chicken and apricot curry
Chicken and veg kabab with sauce
Shepherds pie

Vegetarian dishes

Aubergine, mozzerlla and tomato bake
Potato and leak bolani
Veggie shepherds pie
Vegetable rice
Cheesy veg lasagne
Vegetable ragu
Homemade veggie burgers
Cheese and spinach cannolini
Vegetable pastry rolls and bean salad