• 7am

Our preschool opens at 7am, the children come in to an open planned room filled with activities, areas and games that challenge all areas of their learning. Before breakfast, the children settle down in to their morning briefing and registration.

  • 8.30am

For breakfast, the children enjoy a selection of fresh fruit, wholemeal toast and different cereals. At the pre-school all of our children are encouraged to be independent during meal times. They pour their own water/milk and help to serve their own breakfasts. All dietary requirements are met carefully by our whole team. For more information on our food, please go to the menu.

  • 9am

The children choose from a range of activities relating to the learning theme. Our staff members encourage every child to take part in ta range of different activities. The children have access to all areas of the pre-school to enjoy activities and free play. Each group has planned trips throughout the week. All the trips are pre-planned in connection to the learning theme. In addition, children take part in community based activities, for example taking a trip to the local library or shop.

  • 10.30am

The children have optional snack time around 10.30am. Ingredients for morning snack are available every morning, the children are encouraged to choose and cut fruit from the selection available. The children have a choice of milk or water to go with their snack. Throughout this time it is also free play, and all areas, including the ICT Hub, the indoor sensory garden, the children's kitchen and the messy play areas are open for the children to explore while our team members support them with child-led activities.

  • 11.45am

At lunch time, the children are supported to serve up their own meals and often engage in fun table games such as eye-spy or 21 questions. They are also encouraged to engage in conversations about the day and their preferences of food.

  • 12.30pm

After lunch, the children are supported to carry out child-led games. At 1pm, afternoon activities are set out for the children to try and explore. Depending on the day, the group may or may not have a trip planned between 1pm and 4pm.

  • 3:30pm

At 3:30pm afternoon snack is available for the children. It is made from various fresh vegetables and served with choice of milk/water.

  • 4:20pm

This is tidy up time, followed by a daily catch up with the children. This is where they talk about their day and review what they have learnt. This swiftly transitions into the children's group times. The group times are a fun way for the children to wind down from their active days and prepare for dinner and home time.

  • 4:50pm

Dinner time! Each meal is prepared fresh at the setting by our chef. For more information about our healthy menu, please go to our menu page.

  • 5:10pm

Children play freely supported by practitioners until their parents come to collect them. At collection, the parents receive feedback directly from the practitioners about their child's day. They also receive an email containing all personalised information about their child's day, including food amounts, what activities they took part in and pictures from the day.