• 7am

A typical day at Ruislip Stars Nurseries starts at 7am. As the children come in, they are encouraged to explore the nursery. Each area of the nursery is set up to challenge the children while they play. These areas include a home corner with a children's toy kitchen and role area, a book and story time area, an outdoor garden and a messy play/ art area.

  • 8:15am

The children sit down for breakfast at 8:30am. They choose from a range of cereals, toast and a selection of fresh fruit, all served with milk and water.

  • 9am

At 9am, activities related to the theme of the week are set out and children are free to try all different games and activities that help to learn about their theme. The daily planned activities are designed by our practitioners at the nursery to help the children achieve their set targets while playing and learning. Often activities are adapted to be continued in the garden throughout the day.

  • 10am

Snack is served at 10am. Snack will stay out for 15 minutes with a member of staff and the children can come and go while playing. They have a selection of fresh fruit prepared by our on-site chef. Each child is offered snack and served with milk. While snack is offered, technology time is also available for the children to join in songs, games and interactive stories. Activities stay out for the duration of this time, allowing the children to try all options. The children then go to group times where they have a focused planned circle time with their age groups.

  • 11:30am

Each day, the children are given a home-made healthy lunch prepared on-site by our chef. Our menus are updated weekly and the children are given a range of different meals. There is always a vegetarian option available and allergies are all very carefully taken care of by the chef and all of our staff members.

  • 12:30pm

After lunch, all the children's nappies are changed and the children have nap time. Nap time is completely decided by the parent/guardian. Most children sleep between 12.30pm and 2pm. Other nap times also happen throughout the day in our sleep room. For children who don't sleep during the afternoon, second activities for the day are carried out, giving the children the option of free play and focused activities.

  • 2:30pm

The children are given the opportunity to join in with technology time and/or have snack. Afternoon snack is made up of fresh vegetables and served with cups of milk. After snack, the children enjoy free play.

  • 4:15pm

Before dinner the children go to their group times. Their groups are organised by age and ability, each group has a personally planned group time aimed at hitting targets for that age group.

  • 4:30pm

A hot meal is provided at dinner time. Preferences and requirements are catered for and all of our children enjoy a hearty meal at this time of day. After dinner the children play freely until home time. Our team encourage and challenge each child with a range of games and child led activities.

  • 5pm

Children play freely supported by practitioners until their parents come to collect them. At collection, the parents receive feedback directly from the practitioners about their child's day. They also receive an email containing all personalised information about their child's day, including food amounts, what activities they took part in and pictures from the day.