Common questions from parents

A child will move over once they are toilet trained. This is usually between the ages of 2 and a half and 3 years old.

We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan, if you are late on a regular occasion, we will sit down to review the timings for your child and find a way that best suits you. If you need to extend hours, you can book a meeting with our manager to discuss availability and changes.

If your child is at the nursery, we do have a buggy box that you can leave it in, however buggies can not stay at the nursery overnight and we do ask that it is no heavier than 7kg. You can not leave your buggy at the Preschool.

We can only administer prescribed medicine from your doctor.

If your child has been sick, you can not bring them in for 24 hours. This is to stop the risk of infecting other children. If you think your child may have a contagious illness e.g. chicken pox, you must take them to the doctor before returning to the setting.

Your child’s key worker will be in charge of monitoring their progress and completing their 6 weekly targets. Although this person is your child’s keyworker, all the children spend equal amount of time with each staff member to ensure they are comfortable with every one.

For the nursery; Three full change of clothes (this includes socks) At least 5 nappies A pack of wipes spare pack A comforter or dummy if needed to sleep Any bottles or formula needed during the day A pair of indoor shoes Outdoor accessories e.g. Hat, Sun cream, gloves For the pre school; Three full changes of clothes (including any underwear) Indoor shoes A pack of wipes Outdoor accessories e.g. Hat, Sun cream, gloves Also please make sure to label ALL of your child’s clothes and items.

It is very common for children to miss their parents while settling into nursery. Our staff are aware of this and are very attentive with new children. It is our top priority to make sure all children feel safe and happy at Ruislip Stars. To help your child settle, we recommend you bring a comforter such as a dummy or toy that your child can use to help them calm down when upset. Your child will have settling in hours for the first few weeks. They will start with one hour and depending on how well they settle, their hours will increase throughout this time period.

We make sure we cater to each child’s need. In the case where your child could be at risk from something in our setting, e.g. food. We make sure your child’s needs are met by having a meeting with you and sorting a plan to ensure your child’s safety. We are already a nut free nursery and have many children with dietary needs that are met daily. We are an all inclusive nursery/Preschool and cater for children with all needs. We are a halal setting and there is always a vegetarian meal available.

If your child is going to the nursery, you should dress them in an outfit you don’t mind getting paint or food on. We do use aprons and bibs but we also like to encourage our children to be independent, this can sometimes get messy! If your child is going to the Preschool, we do have a uniform code. This is a white polo top, black trousers and a Ruislip stars jumper that you can purchase from us!

If you are unable to find a spot to park, you can park at ASDA up the road from us and walk down. It is free parking there for 4 hours.