Special Educational Needs

Our S.E.N.D Commitment


We are dedicated to ensuring every child has the same opportunity and gets the care and support they deserve. We are working in partnership with relevant agencies and Hillingdon to raise aspirations and expectations for children with SEND.

  • Our environment is welcoming, responsive and receptive. Parents/carers work in partnership with staff to meet each child’s individual needs
  • Communication between staff and children, staff and parents/carer, staff/parents/carers and outside agencies is very effective
  • We plan for and regularly assess children’s individual needs following a “assess, plan, do, review” cycle involving parents/carers every step of the way
  • We work collaboratively with the senior team to monitor progress and provision for children with SEND
  • All policies are inclusive and are known, and accessible to all parents/carers and staff

More information

  • We have a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Operator) who has training and experience that allows her to support the key workers with the children.
  • The children with SEN have 1 to 1 sessions where we focus on key targets using their interests.
  • We have a different routine for our SEN children that cater to their specific needs, e.g. shorter focus times.
  • We work closely with relevant agencies to create and follow support plans specifically designed for each child.
  • We in cooperate our support plans with the whole setting as/when able to, e.g. some of our SEN children benefit from Makaton, so we have introduced it to all of our children and use it regularly throughout the day.
  • We have regular review meetings and check ups with the parents to share updates.
Starting at Ruislip Stars:
  • When starting at Ruislip Stars, the children start with settling in times (usually beginning with one hour a day) and these slowly increase as the child become more comfortable. When settling, we use the All About Me Form filled out by the parents to in co-operate the child's interests and requirements in the setting. If a child starts with us and has been diagnosed with SEND, we will cater as much as possible to help them settle in to our setting. They will be assigned a key worker and regular communication with their parents will be encouraged. We will also request any current support plans in place and begin to follow these in partnership with the parents.
  • We will also begin tracking the child's development and plan 1 to 1 interventions between the child and their keyworker. This will help us gage where the child is academically and we can start to support them is all aspects.
Transitioning from nursery to preschool:
  • In usual practise, children transition over from the nursery to the preschool once they are potty trained. We recognise that this can sometimes not be attainable for a child with SEND. This is why, a child with SEND may be moved from the nursery to the preschool when we and the parents believe they are ready. The decision will be based on what would be best for that specific child, because no child is the same.
  • When transitioning, the child will follow the same as the initial settling in process, they will come in one hour at a time and slowly increase this as it fits. The child will immediately get a key worker and all relevant information will be passed over from their nursery key worker. The parents will be invited for a transition review meeting and regularly updated with their child's progress during the transition process.