Online reviews

“My first daughter started Ruislip Stars Nursery from when she was 8 months old. When we went to meet the manager we were immediately impressed that her background and knowledge. We signed my daughter up immediately and have never regretted it! My daughter settled in very well and has absolutely thrived. The staff are very nurturing and I am fully confident she is well looked after. She then joined Ruislip Stars Pre-School – all I can say is “amazing”!!! What a great stepping stone into school life, she learns so much and has made great strides in her writing and reading (phonics). She goes on trips, bakes in the specially designed kitchen, practices reading and writing, does arts and crafts, has great freshly made food….the list is endless.

My second daughter joined when she was a year old. She was a bit more of a challenge to settle in (because she was older) but all the staff and the manager were so attentive and went the extra mile she ensure she was happy, comfortable and thriving. She is now well settled and gets so excited to see the staff – a testament to how great they are with her.

Both kids have done so well and I thank all staff and the nursery manager for that! Couldn’t have asked for more!!!!”
– Amar

Our son has been attending the nursery since he was 6 months. The staffs always love and support him. When we have specific needs occasionally, they are willing to go extra mile to help. We are grateful to see our kid grow a lot from a small baby to a bright little boy. We particularly like the transition from the nursery to pre-school, the children got chances to learn from the older ones and to look after the younger ones.” Thomas

“We spent a lot of time picking the right nursery for our son, and are delighted with our choice. It’s a happy and safe environment, and our son has developed so much from being there. We receive detailed daily reports (including photos), as well as regular catch up meetings to discuss development etc. The staff are lovely and friendly and have gone out of their way to accommodate our specific needs and requests on a daily basis. It is clearly a high-end establishment, but we don’t feel like we are paying more than other nurseries in the area. I certainly would recommend giving it a close look for parents who are considering nursery options in the area.”- Chris

“My son has been attending for a few months and we are very happy. The staff are amazing, my son runs to hug them in the morning so he clearly feels very loved and cared for, they accommodate any request we make in terms of timings or food/milk preferences etc. and the owner is very hands on and absolutely wonderful. The nursery is also just 2 mins walk from the station so for parents working in central London it’s the most convenient out of all in the area.”- Cristina

“Fantastic Nursery ! My son has been at the Nursery for roughly 2 years now and I’ve never had one issue or complaint I could praise the Nursery daily for their hard work ! The staff and owners are very loving, caring and always on hand to help with any questions or queries. Not only does my son feel safe and love his Nursery he has learnt so much here that I don’t believe other then play other nursery’s give. The environment is wonderful I have popped in on many occasions the Nursery and preschool is well equipped for all needs and the cleanliness of this Nursery is wonderful. I get daily updates of my child’s day with all that he has eaten, pictures of him during activity’s, which I find great hearing and seeing. The safety of this Nursery is so satisfying i never have once had a concern. The staff have always greeted us and waved us goodbye with a happy smile and a chat they don’t just hand your children over with nothing but a word they work extremely hard here and my son loves all of them. The owner has been nothing but more then helpful, kind and again very caring towards us, her main priorities of the Nursery it’s self and her staff are based around what’s best for all the children. I will continue to use this Nursery now and In the future. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Fantastic Nursery and would never think twice of putting my son anywhere else. All I can say is great job Ruislip stars you all deserve the biggest thank you’s.”– Victoria

“Brilliant nursery. Brilliant team. One of the best nurseries around.” – Steven

Personal comments by parents

Our little girl has been attending Ruislip Stars Nurseries since she was 7 months old. It has been an amazing journey to see how she has grown and developed. The love and care she has received has been equal to that of growing up in an extended family. She has learnt to talk, walk, use the toilet, all aspects of self care. And now she has moved in to the Preschool where her social and academic skills are being developed. She enjoys sitting down at home with us to read with us and work on her weekly homework task. Thank you Ruislip Stars for helping us to take care of our precious little girl”

“Ruislip Stars is our son’s second home. We have been so comfortable to leave him with you and all the staff – we have nothing but praise and he loves his day there. You have all looked after him as if he was your own and he has developed significantly in the past year and will continue to do so in the next year I’m sure as he enters your pre school. Every parents most anxious moment is when they are at first leaving their child in a new and strange environment but we became quickly aware that you all would form part of his and our extended family as you care for the children more than just for means to an end, as a job or to earn money”

“We want to thank you all for all the kindness and support you have given for our son during his year in your nursery. He has shown great progress in his confidence and social skills. We could not thank you enough for guiding him through his development period”

“I cant believe this day has finally come, when our daughter will leave Ruislip Stars, her home from home. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t talk about her friends or all the exciting experiences she has at nursery. She even taught us the songs she has learnt there! It has been so comforting to know that my husband and i could always drop our daughter off and not have to worry about her at all. You have created a wonderful, special place which you deserve to be proud of. We thank you and all the staff for taking care of our little girl, and for loving her”

“For all the years of care you have given my daughter, she is a happy, talented, a little too chatty, but amazing girl… and a lot of it is down to you all. She will miss you all very much”