Remembrance Day

The children raised money for remembrance day, they went around the parade of shops and sold poppies for any donations. They loved raising money and learnt a lot about the cause!

Litter picking

The children love to go litter picking around our local area. They learn a lot about recycling and how to help the community. They join in with litter picks every 6 weeks.

Fund raising

The children regularly hold small events such as cupcake sales to help raise money for charities. Some of these charities include Macmillan, Children In Need and ORCHYD.

Charity Shop

The children love going on trips to the charity shop! Once a month the Preschool children select a range of toys or games that they don't use or play with anymore and take them down to the Chairty shop for someone else to have a turn to play with. The children enjoy getting on a bus to get here while playing a game with their teachers on the way, 'eye spy' is one of the children's favourites.