School children’s half term

The children work very hard at school and they deserve a break too. That’s why every half term, the children have a whole week jam packed with fun adventures!

The children enjoy trips out every day that encourage them to explore and discover while having fun! Some past trips have been to the local cinema to see a film or to the Ruislip lido for a picnic!

The children get the opportunity to have fun and be challenged by their outdoor surroundings, in a safe environment and with the care of our qualified staff on hand to support them the whole way. The children love to tackle new challenges and whilst doing so, develop great skills such as team work and problem solving.

Before half term begins, the children are asked about what they would like to do and our team work hard to ensure their half term is planned with their ideas in mind. The children have a lot of fun taking part in the different activities and unknowingly develop everyday skills whilst doing so. We carry out all kinds of activities, ranging from cooking to climbing to group games. Each activity has been carefully designed with the aim of further developing skills such as team work, using one handed objects with accuracy and making compromises without the support of an adult.