Our nursery setting is an open-planned room, giving children the chance to grow and learn from each other. We have children aged from 6 months to 2.5 years. Once they are potty trained, they graduate over to the Pre-school.

We plan daily activities connecting to the children's individual targets. We hold events throughout the year that encourage families to join in and connect with each other. The children also go on trips connecting to their weekly theme.

Every 6 weeks parents receive targets for their children and the next steps to help their child achieve these. Children's progress is all tracked and logged on their electronic learning journey's.


The preschool is the next step for our children at the nursery. The preschool is designed to challenge and support our children to thrive. We believe that preparing our children for school and giving them everyday challenges with all areas of learning gives them the best chance in life.

Daily planned activities at the preschool help children to achieve their targets. Alongside this, the pre-school carries out a lot of community projects and trips with the children. This helps us to mix in British values and Cultural Capital learning opportunities.

Preschool trips

Each group has several planned trips throughout the week connecting to their theme or relevant holidays/celebrations etc. The children have the opportunity to learn something new about the outside world each day!