Click here to have a look at the Preschools OFSTED inspection report!

Click here to have a look at the Nurseries OFSTED inspection report!

Ruislip Stars Nurseries Ltd, has two purpose built settings, specifically designed to support, nurture and challenge the development and growth of all our children, whether at the nursery or the pre - School, we maintain a ‘homely’ feel.

The Nursery

The nursery is home for all our children from the age of six months onwards.  The nursery is created to allow free flow for the children between all the areas of learning and play.  The main room is designed as an open plan layout.  There is an additional sensory quiet room, kitchen and a separate children's bathroom.  The nursery also has its own dedicated spacious outdoor area.


Bronze badge
Silver badge
Gold award

A big well done to all of our staff at Ruislip Stars Nurseries for securing the Healthy Early Years gold award. Thank you all for being amazing everyday and helping us achieve this!

The Preschool

Children from 2.5 years of age can access this once they are secure in using the toilet. The Preschool is designed as an open plan space, which allows the children maximum opportunity to freely move through the learning and play zones.   The Preschool has a  beautiful indoor sensory garden, all the staff and children enjoy spending time in this part of the Preschool. The children's bathroom is designed to suit their needs, wall to wall tiled, full size mirrors with their own hand dryer-  our little people love using this facility. The Preschool has it's own commercial kitchen where healthy food and snacks are prepared on site. The children also have their own real cut down to size kitchen where they enjoy cooking a range of simple, easy and healthy meals.  The children enjoy using the computers at the IT Hub.  The IT HUB is accessible for the children during free play and structured activities.

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Ruislip Stars Nurseries at S Marys


We are pleased to announce, Ruislip Stars at S Marys is now open, please telephone to book in a tour - spaces are filling up, we have limited availability.

To book your tour - email or telephone, 0203 340 1972 /  02028 845 4007

Ruislip Stars Nurseries Curriculum

At Ruislip Stars Nurseries  the rationale for our curriculum is child-led. Due to the nature of all our settings, and children moving across from the nursery to the preschool, intakes occur regularly throughout the year and there is no set start date for a new cohort. This means that the children arrive at the setting with different starting points.

Our experienced team assess identify areas for development using our quality assessment tool. The team use the children’s targets, along with the children’s interests to plan challenging and age-appropriate activities for the children to work towards their cultural capital. All parents are regularly updated on the planned learning for children across all three sites. The Key person reviews progress and liaises with parents to update on acheived outcomes.

The curriculum is based on the current cohort of children, their interests and knowledge along with what they need to learn to meet their planned learning targets.

The curriculum is designed to meet specific learning goals for individual children as well identified cluster groups of children.  The overarching principles of the seven areas of learning are embedded and focused in all aspects of learning and play.